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Commercial Kitchen Tile Repair

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Kitchen floors are under constant attack by varying temperatures, boiling grease, bacteria, harsh chemicals, acidic cleaning techniques, and the abundance of water.

Deteriorating grout

Common Problems

Low/Deteriorating Grout

Thick build-up of grease often hides the fact that grout is significantly missing in areas of the kitchen floor.

Instead of grout, grease may be filling these voids.

Patching these problem areas with sanded grout is a temporary solution. Sanded grout adheres poorly to areas with any remaining grease or dampness and will likely need to be repaired in a few months.

Cracked/Loose Tiles

Cracked tiles are a common occurrence with the necessary movement of heavy commercial equipment.

Loose tiles occur when deteriorated grout allows grease to seep in between the tiles. A layer of grease and food debris develops beneath the tile, eventually loosening it from the mortar

Kitchen quarry tile; cracked tile with deteriorated and missing grout


Walters Tiling offers a proper and long-lasting solution by:

  • Completely removing the grease and old grout
  • Removing cracked tiles or tiles that are no longer adhered securely to mortar
  • Grinding out mold that has formed on the mortar beneath the tile(s) that needs replacement
  • Applying fresh mortar to a debris-free, dry substrate
  • Laying new tile with appropriately spaced joints
  • Re-grouting with a high-quality industrial grade epoxy grout made by Ardex


Restaurant quarry tile replacement.



With Walters Tiling, there is no down time for your restaurant. The work is completed after your restaurant is closed.